Tuesday, 4 October 2016

adaptTo() 2016 - Day 3

The third and final day at adaptTo() 2016. Finally the grand finale!

Session Details:
  • Managing Cloud Performance and Large Data sets by Mike Tilburg and Tom Blackford
  • OSGi R7 by Carsten Ziegeler and David Bosschaert
  • Test-driven development with AEM by Jan Wloka
  • Introduction to Sling Pipes by Nicolas Peltier
  • AC tool by Jochen Koschorke and Roland Gruber
  • APM - AEM Permission Management by Mateusz ChromiƄski
  • Using Thymeleaf for rendering HTML and Text in AEM 6.x by Oliver Lietz
  • Hey Sling, what are you doing? Sling Tracer to the rescue by Chetan Mehrotra
  • Apache Sling and Karaf for Web Sites and Applications by Oliver Lietz
Loved being a part of adaptTo() 2016!