Tuesday, 26 August 2014

New Page/Site or Page Properties for a page disabled from siteadmin?

Having troubles with accessing page properties for a page? Does the sidekick show the page tab disabled?
Does the page in Author mode is not editable with no parsys and edit bars visible?


Here is the solution:

This happens when we have an invalid cq:Page node in the /content hierarchy. All cq:Page nodes should have a jcr:content node of type cq:PageContent.

So, If theres an invalid node, it disables the page properties for all its sibling pages.

The solution might be to traverse through all the sibling page nodes in CRXDE and adding a jcr:content node (of cq:PageContent primary type) below a cq:Page node if it does not contain one. That would probably enable the page properties for all the pages in the same heirarchy.

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