Tuesday, 27 September 2016

adaptTo() 2016 Day 1

2016 is the sixth edition of adaptTo() and this year's event is hosted at the Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany.
The event primarily focuses on Apache Sling Framework, including Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix. Adobe Experience Manager Developers also benefit to a very high extent form this 3-day event since it covers details on how AEM is leveraging its underlying architecture.

Day 1 started with a lot of excitement. Developers and Attendees from different parts of the world gathered at the venue for this interactive community event.

Speakers got a red T-shirt and Attendees got a blue one!

Started with Opening notes from Carsten Ziegeler and Stefan Seifert followed by
  • Microservices and IoT with AEM by Carsten Zeigeler and David Bosschaert
  • Get The Flow by Conrad Wöltge and Dominik Süß
  • 5000+ unattended AEM installations in the last four years - is it DevOps? by Georg Henzler
  • Running AEM in Docker by Andrei Darashenka
  • HTL/Sightly Compilers and Tooling by Radu Cotescu
  • Sling IDE Tooling by Robert Munteanu
  • Integrating Apache Mahout with AEM by Rima Mittal and Ankit Gubrani - It was great to share our POC on the topic which can help various AEM clients with user based recommendations. Clone the code at Github.
  • Into the tar pit: a TarMK deep dive by Michael Dürig
  • Remote Resources by Vlad Bailescu

and this is how a knowledge filled Day 1 came to an end!

Looking forward to Day 2 at adaptTo() 2016!

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