Wednesday, 28 September 2016

adaptTo() 2016 Day 2

Another knowledgeable day at adaptTo() 2016 Berlin. The sessions started a bit early to accommodate all the speaker slots.

Sessions for Day 2:
  • How AEM Communities leverages and extends the power of Sling by Siddharth Palaniswami
  • Let’s run the whole Web on Apache Sling and Oak! by Bertrand Delacretaz and Chetan Mehrotra
  • Sling Http Testing Framework by Valentin Olteanu and Andrei Dulvac
  • Unit Testing with Sling & AEM Mocks by Stefan Seifert
  • Sling Context-Aware Configuration by Stefan Seifert
  • react components in AEM by Stefan Meyer
  • 0 to O(ak) in 30 by Davide Giannella
  • Playground Session featuring:
    1. Sling Core with Carsten Ziegeler & Stefan Seifert about Sling and OSGi in general 
    2. Sling Scripting with Rado Cotescu & Oliver Lietz about Sightly, Thymeleaf 
    3. DevOps with Bertrand Delacretaz & David Bosschaert & Georg Henzler about Sling/AEM Deployment and Automation 
    4. Tooling with Robert Munteanu & Oliver Lietz about Sling IDE, Karaf, Tools 
    5. Testing with Andrei Dulvac & Stefan Seifert about Integration Tests, Unit Tests, Sling Mocks
    6. JCR/Oak with Michael Dürig & Chetan Mehrotra about JCR and Oak
The playground session was indeed an amazing opportunity to get in touch with some of the great minds working on Sling, Oak, DevOps and JCR.

The event wrapped up with an awesome evening buffet and a round table conference for Sling developers.

What an eventful day indeed!

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